Ventura Interior Design – Mannequin Challenge

Things have been even more hectic than usual around here ever since the Ideal Home Show which was a big success for us. I hope that those of you who made it to the RDS enjoyed looking around our Manhattan Loft Showhouse, and found it inspiring. Last week, we decided to take a bit of time out and have some fun in our showrooms in Ballycoolin.  We persuaded everyone in Ventura and some of our friends to get involved in a Mannequin Challenge.




It was VERY challenging to organise in terms of getting thirty people to clear their diaries so that we could all be together in one place at one time, at one of our busiest times of the year. But we had great fun doing it and it definitely got us in the Christmas spirit!


Everyone in the challenge had to hold their pose while Piotr and the team from 50HZ Photography filmed us.


You can see the video here




We included a few ‘random’ characters to make our challenge colourful and Christmassy.  There are so many interesting personalities that we work for and with that we thought it would be fun to show that anyone could wind up in our showroom!


Our Mannequin Challenge features Karl Lagerfeld and his muse, two little Christmas elves (Fay and Mimi, whose mum, x, is one of our designers), a larger than life-size zebra from Lollipop Props helping the Blues Brothers with a delivery (the guys are on our installation team and real-life brothers), Batman, and, of course, Santa Claus!




My partner, Juergen, is playing chess in the office with Jim Toal of Fairco Windows and Doors, and I’m holding a pose looking at a piece of artwork with artist, Kally Stefanazzi.  Everyone in the Ventura team has a role to play.




One of the reasons that I wanted us to do a Mannequin Challenge as soon as I heard about the trend was that I thought that in many ways it would require the same level of organisation and team work as an interior design project.




I also thought that it would give an interesting insight into what life is like behind-the-scenes at Ventura.




In the world of interior design, videos are becoming increasingly popular as a way of show-casing a designer’s work.  In 2017, we will be posting lots of footage of our private projects as we think that it’s a great way to bring projects to life.




I will look forward to sharing more of our work with you in the New Year, and in the meantime wish you, your family, and friends a very Happy Christmas.


With very best wishes,