Bespoke is a word traditionally associated with the tailors of Savile Row. When you decide to buy a bespoke suit there, it’s not just shopping – it’s an experience.

The process starts with a fitting, which is chalked out first on brown paper and then on cloth, followed by basting cotton that’s adjusted along the way.

The suit is built through a series of fittings, which inform the unique nature of the garment. Each detail is considered, discussed, and decided upon. The end result is personal, and very, very special. No wonder people get hooked, and go back year after year – once a customer has had bespoke, they find it impossible to go back to ready-made.

Bespoke is a word that’s over-used in the world of interior design these days. It is often used loosely to describe products that are anything but, and even mass-produced.

At Ventura, though, I like to think that the work we do is true to the meaning of the word. When I or one of my interior design team meets a new client, we start to build a relationship that’s akin to the one that exists between the tailor and his customer.

By working closely with you, showing you examples and discussing all the possibilities, we develop an understanding of your exact requirements and apply our skills to fulfilling them.

The pieces that we make for your home are crafted with the same attention to detail that the tailors of Savile Row bring to their suits. So instead of you purchasing items that are already in existence, as they would be in a shop, you can visit our showroom for inspiration, decide precisely what it is that you want, and let us make it for you.

All of our dining tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, headboards, and joinery are handcrafted to order in Ireland by skilled craftsmen. Our furniture is custom-made, so that it is individual to you. That means, for instance, that your dining table, can be made in any size, height, width, finish, paint tone or natural mineral oil colour.

The same goes for sofas and upholstery: you design exactly what you want, choose from a range of fabrics that includes everything from simple cottons to plush velvets, and we deliver. The same goes for dining chairs and headboards, and of course curtains.

We also design one-off furniture pieces for special commissions, and have our own team of joiners who build our Ventura-designed joinery, built-in bookcases and wall paneling. A talented paint specialist is available to hand-finish custom pieces.

Our 100% crystal chandeliers are handcrafted in Florence, and can be modified so satisfy your exact requirements.

At Ventura, we love nothing more than working with you to achieve truly bespoke results that are unique to your home and will bring you joy for years to come.

With very best wishes,