Ventura Interiors is Ireland's leading furniture design and manufacturer, creating luxury bespoke pieces for homes throughout Ireland, the UK, Portugal, Spain and beyond.

We design and craft an exclusive Ventura collection of fabrics, furniture and lighting. With every stitch meticulously hand-sewn, every table-leg hand-carved and every light hand-sculpted, our workshop is always a hive of activity. We are proud to work with exceptionally talented artisans and master craftsmen – dedicated people who excel in creativity and attention to detail. Under their watchful eye, every single piece that passes through the workshop is finished to the highest possible standard.

Founded by Arlene McIntyre in 2005 after many years working in the design industry, the very name Ventura Interiors recalls her sunny, Californian heritage and that luxurious West Coast aesthetic is mirrored frequently in Arlene’s work.
She is joined by a 50 - strong team of exceptional artisans, craftsmen, designers - big-dreamers and lateral-thinkers – who come from all over the world, to create amazing homes.

At Ventura Interiors, we can thoughtfully and carefully map out a room. We can see instinctively what should go where. We know how to optimise space or the art of showing off a piece to its greatest effect. But our skill also extends beyond just designing. We produce bespoke furniture collections, contemporary, luxurious and timeless pieces, custom made for you. A bespoke range tailored to your tastes. From sumptuously upholstered dining chairs to skilfully carved headboards – this fine furniture is made to last.

We believe that homes should be more than just comfortable and beautiful – they should be interesting. Extensions of our clients’ personalities filled with attention-grabbing pieces and approval-garnering accessories. We can help you design rooms, and to furnish them to an incredible finish. Our cosmopolitan team have unique perspectives and a wish to please. We’ve brought our expertise to private clients, hotels, property developers and estate agents. With Ventura Interiors, every home is an adventure.

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