Ventura’s Commitment to Environmentally Focused Design

By choosing to work with Ventura Design, you reap the benefits of a team of over 50 exceptional artisans, craftsmen, designers and technicians who thoughtfully and instinctively map out and deliver beautiful spaces.

Our skills extend beyond design, and while we can source furniture from selected, accredited suppliers, our unique advantage is our established furniture manufacturing facilities, allowing us to create our very own pieces, bespoke for you.

It is here we focus on the environmental, social, and corporate governances (ESG) with our commitment to responsibly sourcing eco-friendly materials and finishes.

We only use natural oil or stained finishes without volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and hazardous pollutants (HAP’s). We audit our materials, suppliers and production methods with ESG values. This extends to us the ability to produce all bespoke sofas, tables, chairs and other furniture in a sustainably focused manner.

All these products are available to view at our showrooms in Dublin, London, and Portugal.

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