Behind the Scenes of an Interior Design Firm Part 1

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17th Oct 2017

An interior design firm – just like any business – is akin to a marriage. It requires a strong foundation of partnership, dedication, teamwork and of course, a whole lot of love, to be a success.

VENTURA DESIGN has come a long way since I first started out on my own over 15 years ago. As the business quickly expanded so did our team and today my business partner, Juergen, and I are supported by a diligent group of more than 20 designers, administrators, manufacturing, warehouse and operations staff all of whom work in tandem to deliver exceptional interiors for our private and commercial clients.

Leading a team of more than 20 people and managing a multifaceted business like Ventura can be challenging at the best of times. Managing our showrooms in Ballycoolin and Deansgrange, running the factory, manufacturing our exclusive furniture collection, sourcing new products, maintaining good relationships with our suppliers, delivering exceptional customer service and keeping every project on track requires a lot of hard work and attention to detail and we couldn’t do it without our loyal team. Everyone in our company occupies a special role in the Ventura wheel and by working together we always deliver for our clients.

So how do we bring a design concept to life and who is involved in each step of the project? In a new series of blogs I would like to introduce you to our wonderful team and share with you details of how our design business operates – from our creative designers and our talented artisan suppliers to our super efficient administrators and hardworking warehouse crew.

Phase One: Let the Magic Begin

Many members of the Ventura team will work on each project, including our field designers, internal designers, Project Manager, sales personnel, IT Manager, Customer Service Manager and admin, manufacturing, warehouse and installation personnel.

Field Designers

The magic begins when the client meets one of our trusted field designers who creates the project brief and works closely with the client on every step of the project, from conception to completion. They liaise with the client, advising them on key decisions from colour tones and design styles, through to the minute details of furniture and furnishings, lighting, fixtures and fittings. Building a trusting relationship with the client and getting into sync with their tastes can take time but it is crucial to the success of the project. Here teamwork between the designer and client is essential.

Ventura Team Manager

I often refer to our in-house project manager as our ‘Air Traffic Controller’ as she is constantly juggling our many jobs, ensuring that everything lands where it should, when it should. Her task is to supervise the progress of all projects, keeping operations on track at all times. Should larger projects require a dedicated project management service, the Project Manager will visit sites on a regular basis, overseeing every step of the design and installation process.

With the design finalised and ordering and processing complete, it is over to our artisan producers to start weaving their magic. Tune in next week to read about what happens in production!

Stay tuned for next weeks Part 2 Blog on “Behind the Scenes of an Interior Design Firm”


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