Ireland’s Homes Interiors & Living Magazine April Issue – Invest in rest.

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01st Apr 2021

Ireland’s Homes Interiors & Living Magazine April Issue – Invest in rest.

Our master bedroom design including bespoke Ventura products for Vogue Williams & Spencer Matthews was featured in the April issue of Ireland’s Homes & Living Magazine.

National Bed Month takes place annually in March and is aimed at raising the awareness of the importance a good bed plays as part of a healthy lifestyle.

According to which is brought to you by the National Bed Federation, the trade association for UK and Irish bed manufacturers and component suppliers, that after seven years, a bed has been subjected to around 20,000 hours of hard labour and may have deteriorated by as much as 70 per cent from its ‘as new’ state.

If you are having difficulty sleeping, one of the reasons why might be your bed. We know that creating the perfect bedroom environment plays an essential part in achieving a good night’s sleep so don’t let an uncomfortable bed rob you of vital, restful sleep.

A good supportive bed is crucial for comfortable night’s sleep – the bigger the better (for less partner disturbance) and as good as the budget can stretch to. If you’ve had your mattress for more than seven years now’s the time to replace it, as it’s probably not offering you the same comfort and support. Sometimes it’s only when you sleep on a new one that you realise what you’ve been missing!

Also invest in your pillows and duvet. You need pillows that offer the right support for how you sleep; whether on your side, back or stomach and a 10.5 tog duvet is a good all-rounder for any season. As for bedding, linen is the perfect choice because it offers comfort and is naturally moisture repellent.

Ireland’s Homes Interiors & Living Magazine April Issue – Invest in rest


Pictured is the master bedroom in Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthew’s new home in Howth, Co. Dublin. The full renovation of the home, from concept to competition, was carried out by Ventura Design, led by their Creative Director Arlene McIntyre. As the couple currently live in the UK, Arlene and her team worked virtually to create the concept for the new home as part of Ventura’s Virtual Design Service.

The tone on the walls of the bedroom is Coast, with Moon used on the ceiling and woodwork and Quartz on the wardrobes. These paints are from the newly launched Ventura Collection for Fleetwood Prestige.

The collection contains 54 contemporary and 14 nursery colours, curated by Arlene and her team. All furniture and lighting in the master bedroom was provided by Ventura, including their own bespoke handcrafted Mia chair and Hudson Headboard.


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