Shut the Front Door with Lord Mayor Hazel Chu

13th Dec 2020

Today we are joined by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu. Hazel is the 9th woman to hold the office of the Lord Mayor of Dublin. A student of UCD where she studied politics and history, Hazel also trained to be a barrister at Kings Inns. She has since worked in various management roles across the globe in places such as Sydney, Hong Kong and New York.

Hazel first became involved in politics in 2014, when she ran her partner’s local election campaign and by 2019 was elected Chair of the Party.

Hazel’s parents are from Hong Kong and met in Ireland in the 1970s. In her spare time she lends her voice to promoting diversity and equality. Her first loves are her daughter, running election campaigns, surfing, and cooking. Hazel was born and raised in Dublin and now lives in Ranelagh with her partner Patrick and their 2 year old daughter Alex.

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