Shut the Front Door with Richard Dart

28th Mar 2021

This week on Shut the Front Door we are joined by Richard Dart, Design Principal for Princess Yachts. Princess is recognised as THE leading luxury British yacht brand in the world today. The company was founded in 1965 and is still entirely based in Plymouth, from where they have designed, built and delivered over 18,000 yachts to universal acclaim.  

With 15 years’ experience at Princess, Richard has helped lead the team to two World Super Yacht Design Awards as well as numerous international yacht awards. He and his team design interior and exterior spaces, furniture, bars and even bespoke offering from jacuzzis to open-air cinemas. Richard is constantly designing within unique spaces to the highest of standards in this luxury industry. Richard lives in Devon with his wife Alice and their two young children, Arthur and Mabel.  

Richard, welcome to Shut the Front Door… 

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