As the word ‘sofa’ rolls off the tongue, that double ‘s’ seems to demand pause and stillness. The sofa immediately conjures images of relaxation, of down-tempo entertaining and of sheer restful bliss. Our master craftsmen work carefully using the finest materials to give form to this evocative concept. Sofa, so good. Every sofa is meticulously handcrafted by our expert craftsmen in our workshops. All frames are handmade from sustainable hardwood timber and guaranteed for up to 20 years. All our sofas are fully customisable and can be finished in a wide range of luxury fabrics, leathers and finishes

Albert Sofa

Alexander Sofa

Allyson Sofa

Arthur Sofa

Bentley Sofa

Conrad Sofa

Harper Sofa

Hudson Sofa

Kildare Sofa

London Sofa

Monroe Sofa

Sebastian Sofa

Sophia Sofa

Spencer Sofa

Tribeca Sofa

Wiltshire Sofa

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