7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Interiors

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29th Mar 2018

It’s been a long, gruelling, icy winter but now it seems as if spring might finally be on its way – fashionably late and dressed in the brightest yellow. Crocuses and daffodils are pushing up through the hard ground. The birds are resuming a more joyful tune. Temperatures are creeping up. And those on ‘grand stretch in the evening’ watch are keen to point out the gradual increase in daylight hours.

As you start to think about sunny weather again (sun! remember that?), consider de-winterfying your home. Shed the layers of blankets, clean out the log fires and put a little spring in your interiors step. Make your rooms ready for long languid evenings and rosé-fuelled BBQs.

After all, spring cleaning is not just about readying your wardrobe for warmer climes or finally scrubbing that cutlery drawer – it’s about giving your whole space a breath of fresh air.

Here are 7 ways to make your home cleaner, brighter, lighter and more full of zing.

  1. Move furniture around

You don’t have to be a feng shui master to know that the positioning of furniture has a huge impact on a room. If you feel things have gotten a bit stale or same-old, shake them up! Drag that futon nearer the window. Coax the chairs into a more convivial arrangement. Or give the table more space. A little change can make a big difference.

  1. Add some greenery

Why not reflect the lush, blossoming evolution of spring-time through some house plants? If you’re not green-fingered enough for anything living or constantly changing fresh flowers seems too much like hard work, consider our magnificent faux alternatives. A touch of the garden without the effort.


  1. Declutter

Well, it wouldn’t be a proper spring clean without some de-cluttering would it? Coco Chanel famously said of accessories “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” and, frankly, the same could be said for house ornaments. Look at your shelves and tables with a critical eye. Is that jade elephant Aunt Margaret gave you still working with your overall aesthetic? Are your pieces a bit too cramped together? Be ruthless – it doesn’t mean giving things away, merely retiring them for a bit. Anything that doesn’t work should be popped neatly into some stylish storage.

  1. Give a 360° clean

A polished home never goes out of style. Spring is your chance to give everything a deep-down squeaky clean. From dry-cleaning duvets and curtains to airing rugs and clearing out fridges, leave no corner un-dusted.

  1. Inject a pop of colour

Violet, emerald green and chartreuse are big (and bold) colours for 2018. If you don’t fancy a complete design overhaul, you could hint to the hues with cushions, throws or accessories.

  1. Let there be light

Give any points of natural light – from windows and doors to patios – centre stage this spring-time. And when you’re not soaking up the dappled sunshine, make sure your lamps and light fittings have the same calming effect. We currently have some swoon-worthy chandeliers to choose from.

  1. Put your stamp on things

Get personal with your interiors and make something that makes you happy. Our bespoke furniture design service gives you the freedom to dream, create and tweak to your heart’s content.

Still drawing a blank? Let us do the hard work for you. Talk to a member of our Ventura Design team today about how to revitalise your interiors. Get in touch here.


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