Irish Examiner – Why I never leave home without making my bed.

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01st May 2021

Irish Examiner – Why I never leave home without making my bed.


Great interview with our Creative Director Arlene McIntyre Irish Examiner.

Written by Eve Kelliher, Home Editor of Irish Examiner.


She’s just given Vogue Williams’ house a new look. We get up close and personal with interior designer Arlene McIntyre.


Where is your happy space at home?


I’m honestly happiest when sitting in front of the fireplace on our sofa in the evenings with some candles lit and enjoying a glass of wine. This for me is the perfect evening, and when I unwind most.


Your favourite room?


When we first bought our current home, it was a four-bedroom home and we converted into one with two large bedrooms. We felt having bigger and better-functioning larger rooms would be better for us rather than four smaller ones.


When renovating, we converted the previous master bedroom into a spacious luxurious spa-like bathroom. Being around water always relaxes, inspires and fills me with new ideas so whenever I find time to pour a hot bath and read a glossy magazine this is by far my favourite space to be in!


Describe your interiors


I would always gravitate towards classic/modern or classic/contemporary. I’ve never really followed trends and love spaces that feel timeless and will definitely keep on giving for years to come.


Areas that function well and tell your personal story are very important to me and this is how I’ve always approached my projects also.


Best bargain ever for you?


I always love a bargain that has a good memory attached to it!


I’d have to say a stunning antique chandelier I found about a decade ago in Florence, Italy. It was slightly damaged and we were able to get it repaired.


I’ve since had it replicated into a model that we’ve incorporated into our Ventura collection of lighting and we named in the Bella.


Biggest extravagance in your home?


It would probably be a Harrison & Gil mirror by Christopher Guys in a gilded hand-carved frame. We’re soon moving house and I’m planning on putting it up in our newly designed offices in our studio. It’s another special piece with great memories behind it.


Favourite household chore?


I’ve often read that making your bed can have powerful and positive effects on your day and it’s true! I never leave the house without making my bed — plus it’s lovely to come home to.


Least favourite task….


Ironing! Ironing is definitely a task I’m happy to pass on to someone else.



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