Nursery Furniture Range featured in Sunday Business Post

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22nd Apr 2018

A big thank you to the Sunday Business Post for mentioning our new Baby Ventura nursery furniture range in their “Little Book of Irish Home Design”.

Creative Director Arlene McIntyrne is interviewed on why she loves to design nurseries, and has some practical insights to offer on making these special rooms sing!

View some of our work on nurseries, including working with the gorgeous Millie Mackintosh on her home in London.

As interior designers, we know the importance of a comfortable, beautiful home for your family. And even more so, the quite, cosy and calming space for your baby’s first years. With our ideas, experience and resources, we focused on expertise, and created Baby Ventura.

It is a collection of luxury handmade furniture, nursery furnishings, fabrics, wallpapers and soft toys, everything you need for a magical nursery.

Click here to check out all our Baby Ventura services and products, while our showrooms in Dublin and London have a large selection of our bespoke furniture.

Click here to book an appointment with one of our designers to discuss your new nursery requirements.

Baby Ventura is a new range from Ventura Design, Ireland’s leading interior design firm and bespoke furniture manufacturer. Arlene McIntyre founded Ventura in 2005 after many years working in the design industry. The very name Ventura recalls her sunny, Californian heritage and that luxurious West Coast aesthetic is mirrored frequently in Arlene’s work. She is joined by a 50 – strong team of exceptional artisans, craftsmen, designers – big-dreamers and lateral-thinkers – who come from all over the world.

We believe that homes should be more than just comfortable and beautiful – they should be interesting. Extensions of our clients’ personalities filled with attention-grabbing pieces and approval-garnering accessories. We travel the globe to source the finest pieces and our cosmopolitan team offers each project a unique perspective. We’ve brought our expertise to private clients, hotels, property developers and estate agents. With Ventura, every home is an adventure.


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