Shut the Front Door with Aidan Quigley of Loftus Hall- Halloween Special

31st Oct 2020

We are kicking off Season 3 of Shut the Front Door with Aidan Quigley, the owner of Ireland’s most haunted house, Loftus Hall.¬† Aidan and his brother Shane purchased Loftus Hall back in 2011 in a derelict state, and have since brought it back to life. The property is FASCINATING, with 22 bedrooms, 63 acres of land and its own private beach.

Situated on the picturesque Hook peninsula in Co Wexford, this Georgian mansion is steeped in history and folklore. Over the years, locals have said the property is haunted by the devil and the ghost of a young woman…. so what better time to release this recording than on Hallowe’en itself. We have spoken to many guests on our podcast about their homes, but this is a conversation like no other…

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