Pippa's Home Project

A revamped living area becomes the ultimate Family Room

Over the last year, we are finding that a lot of our clients are now spending a lot of their down time in one particular area of the home. In the case of our clients, Pippa, Brian and their family, they would mostly come together in the living area of their home, which is adjacent to their kitchen.

For this reason, they wanted to make this area even more comfortable and functional for all, especially when it came to their sofa.

Using a classic yet contemporary colour palette of softs blues and greys in fabrics such as velvet and luxurious glazed linen, our team worked with our clients to breathe new life into this special space.

For Pippa’s home we created our brand new bespoke Kildare Sofa, in a sectional U shape format. This particular sofa has Nordic grey wooden legs, and is covered in a versatile grey viscose blend fabric, with a soft supple handle and subtle lustre that drapes beautifully.

As with all our furniture, we make each piece bespoke in our workshops. The Kildare sofa can be made to any spec to suit your room layout, including a three seater, four seater, corner unit and chaise longue. We have a wide range of wooden legs and luxurious fabrics for you to choose from to complete your desired look.

We combined our Chelsea Coffee Table Table with a Nordic grey top and antique silver table legs with our Cooper Ottoman to strike the perfect balance between a functional table for glassware and accessories, and an ottoman if an extra seat is needed, or a footstool is required.

Our Bogart Armchair closes off this room and is the perfect addition when entertaining as it can be easily moved to any space where a seat is required.




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