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31st Jan 2021

We are delighted with the recent feature on The Art Of Design about our bespoke furniture offering at Ventura:


One of the key trends seen in the interior design world over the last few seasons has been a rocketing demand for bespoke furniture, where the customer can specify every last dimension and detail of fabric and finishing in order to create something truly individual.


At Ventura, the bespoke offering on all the company’s furniture has been pivotal to its phenomenal success, and this trend looks set to grow as customers feel ever more drawn to creating customised and personal interiors rather than making do with a “one size fits all” approach.


“With every stitch meticulously handsewn, every table-leg hand-carved and every light hand-sculpted, our workshop is always a hive of activity” explains Arlene McIntryre, the dynamic Creative Director of the Dublin based company who is proud of her recruitment of a team of exceptionally talented artisans and master craftsmen. With an expert team of over 50, the company prides itself on the workmanship of its bespoke furniture, and 70% of the luxurious upholstered pieces and furniture are manufactured in their workshops.


This very close attention to detail means that every single piece that passes through the workshop is finished to the highest possible standard. From directional headboards and feast-worthy dining tables to talking-point chairs and luxurious fabrics, everything created by Ventura’s master craftsmen is made to order and can be bespoke, from sustainable hardwood sofa frames that can be fully customisable and finished in a wide range of luxury fabrics and finishes to a simple pared-back buttoned dining chair or glass coffee table. “The provenance of our product is very important to our customers” says Arlene, who regards the bespoke furniture workshops of Ventura’s Dublin HQ as comparable to the ‘atelier’ world of the fashion design studio.

Collaborating with individuals from different artistic disciplines is another way in which the strength of the bespoke principle can really flourish. Ventura saw the creative potential to build on the growing symbiosis between fashion and furniture last year, when Arlene worked with business entrepreneur and lifestyle guru Trinny Woodall to create a feminine tub armchair. 


“The Trinny” is chic and smart as well as luxuriously comfortable, and can work in both contemporary and classic interiors, depending how each individual customer wants to interpret their order. “The great thing is that our Ventura signature style can be easily adapted to personal taste” explains Arlene who has styled and designed homes for fashion and media star influencers Vogue Williams and Millie Mackintosh in both London and Ireland.


The bespoke possibilities are available across the Ventura portfolio, including bedheads, kitchen and bedroom cabinetry, customised joinery such as handcrafted bookcases and wall panelling, as well as tables and lamp fittings. “The joy of bespoke is that is available for anyone to specify their own look with fabrics and finishes and customise accordingly” explains Arlene, who says Ventura bespoke does not necessarily equate to expensive. “It’s about listening and paying attention and just working that bit harder to deliver a unique piece.”


View the full range of Ventura’s bespoke products here:




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